DLB – Dilus Laboratories

We are committed to excellence in quality.

Our manufacturing site and laboratory are certified HACCP and ISO 22000.


The Management, with the support of the Management Representative, is responsible for the communication of the Management Policy at all levels of the staff and to make sure that it has been understood and it is periodically reviewed to maintain it in an appropriate and continuous way for the purposes of the company, DILUS LABS, defining the framework for the establishment and reviewing the Management’s aims.
The Management and all the DILUS LABS’ staff agree to promote and maintain the following points, aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, improving the efficiency of the system, the quality and safety of manufacturing products and, to ensure the image and reputation of the products’ quality and safety offered to customers.
• The main aim of the company DILUS LABS, SL is to achieve a permanent increase in the level of our customers’ satisfaction by offering products that respond, at all times, to their needs and comply with the requirements established by customers, by legislation in matters of food safety and everything applicable to its activity and those established by our own organization.
• Our goal is to achieve a good understanding with suppliers, which will guarantee the quality and safety of our raw materials.
• The Management undertakes to provide the organization with the necessary resources for the correct development of the processes and to ensure the products’ quality and safety, based on staff qualification and ongoing staff training to increase their training and competence in the achievement of its activities.
• The Management System has the full support of the management, which commits to work properly, stimulate participation and teamwork to achieve the established measurable targets and continuously improve the system’s efficiency.
The Management undertakes to provide the organization with the necessary resources to have throughout the food chain all necessary information regarding the safety of manufacturing products and their changes in the organization from communication with suppliers and customers (in relation to the product’s composition, its use, etz, customer service and feedback), legal and regulatory authorities and other organizations that affect the effectiveness or updating of the Food Safety System.